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Garage Door Types

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Typically, when shopping around for garage doors, most people picture automatic garage doors for convenience and safety. Simply stay in your car and open the garage door from the security of your vehicle.

Additionally, now that you entered your parked your car inside your garage, turn your car motor off and simply close the garage door using your automatic garage door opener. Generally, you have two types of garage door openers, one remains in your car to operate and the other you can hand carry and use while in your home or office as well.

This author understands how convenience will play a major role with your garage door decision making process.

  1. Weather conditions
  2. Arriving home when it’s very dark outside
  3. Grocery bags, etc.

Remember to always check your remote garage door opener batteries to make sure they are always replaced periodically so you don’t experience your garage door opener not working due to no battery signal.

Automatic Garage Door Safety Tips:

• Install a built-in automatic stop feature. This will stop the automatic garage doors from coming down unexpectedly avoiding damage to your car or person(s).
• Some garage doors have a panic stop button to prevent potential further damage to vehicles.

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